Kinani Engineering Architects & Engineering


Date: 2005
Owner : Dr. Alsir AbuAlhasan & Dr. Yagoob
Location: Khartoum – Ryiad
Description: 4 Story hospital
Stage: Suspended after Contract


Dr. Alsirr  Abu Alhassan  and  Dr. yagoub Abdel majid  after  being  well  trained  in  the  field  of  fertility  in  U.K decided  to  challenge  and  open  the  first  private  Fertility  Hospital  in  Sudan. They  created  the  fertility  center  and  started  operation  in  a converted  house  in  Khartoum  No.2 to  suit  their  activities. The  work  was  successful  and  the  need  for  a proper  building  to house  their  ambitions  persisted. The  location  of  the  proposed  center  has  been  carefully  chosen  in  Riyadh  neighborhood  near  the  academy of medical  services  and  Technology   (Prof: Mamoun Humaidah). A lot 60×60 mm single with an open space on east and west sides suggested a unique site for a hospital location. The invitation  for  consultancy  services came  to  Kinani  Engineering  through  the  architect  Gamar  Aldawla abdel Gadir.

Architectural  brief  was  constructed  and design  process  started.



Concept :

Sustainable architecture was the aim of the design. The  courtyard  design  to house a  roof  garden and  the  great  openings  in  the  east  and west elevations to allow for sun light  to reach the  courtyard. The gardens create the suitable atmosphere for health distinction.


Design :

An  Approval  for  height  of  building  was  granted  by  the  Ministry  of  planning by the  Building  administration  department  through their  letter  dated  17.6.2007  as:

  • Ground floor + service  floor  + 7 story. To be used  as  fertility  center  and  children tubes.
  • 60% Max. coverage.
  • Car parking to  be  provided  inside 
  • Setbacks according  to  regulations . and building  permit  shall  be  obtained  within 6 month from  the  above  acceptance .             

The building is designed  as:-

  • Basement
  • Ground floor
  • 3- floors
  • + pent house  ( total of  5- stories ) .



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